June 06, 2013

Racun Kota - Dansa Berdarah

Racun Kota - Dansa Berdarah (live at Two Wheels art exhibition) from megalauman on Vimeo.

Taken from live perform at Two Wheels art exhibition 24th Nov ‘12 at Garduhouse Jl.RC Veteran Raya no.13 Gang H Ropiah/Route 66. Tanah Kusir, Jakarta Selatan.
Digital noise terror from Jakarta, Indonesia. Unite by the friendship, vision and a bottle of Anggur Merah, 3 autist J-town youngster have found them self get toxicated well by the sound of digital absurd noise hardcore and decided to make their own sound called the racun kota sound. Their musical concept is simple, it must be full of angst, provocative, cross the border but still danceable. The very first thing you have to know about Racun Kota is dont ecxpect to much from us cause their music is not about trying to be cool or wut ever it is... They are just wanna have fun from wut we like much. So, if u dont like the sound just shut your ear hole and walk away or do wutever you like !! but if you like the sound just dance, dance and start the riot !!!…enjoy the terror please. see HERE and from 

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